Start saving time, money and water this Weekend

Yes! I want to give my home the convenience and comfort of hot water on demand, all while cutting my water bills – as soon as this weekend.

Although water rates are going up all over the country, I’m relieved to know that I’ll be spending less because I’ll have the luxury solution that saves enough water – without burning any extra gas or running up my electrical bill – to actually pay for itself in under 2 years.

I’m satisfied to know that your unique Faucet Activation Switch Technology means I’ll have faster hot water in every bathroom and at every sink AND that 1 pump is enough to serve my whole house, no matter how big it is or how many plumbing branches I have – all without having to install any new electrical outlets.

I know that whether I have a traditional tank style water heater, a newer tankless style water heater or a dedicated recirculation system (with 1 more add on component – at no extra charge), this is the recirculation pump for me.

And so I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and – armed with a few basic tools – have all the convenience, comfort (and savings!) of The WaterQuick Pro II up and running in about an hour.

I realize that because every plumbing set up is different I’ll still have to buy supply lines and Sharkbite™ fittings separately.

But I know – if I just send you a few pictures of the top of my water heater, you’ll tell me exactly what I need, saving me time and hassle at the hardware store.

Not only that, with your installation videos and a direct line to the inventor himself – who will gladly walk me step by step through the entire process – I’m confident that there’s no plumbing situation that can stop me.

Once set up, I’m glad to know that I won’t have to perform any maintenance or ever have it serviced.

I’ve got better things to do.

Still, I know that in some parts of the country, the water quality has a corrosive effect on any device.

But I’m not worried about that either.

In the event that The WaterQuick Pro II stops working, I’ll just send it back for a free repair and I’ll have faster hot water back in my house, working hard – to save me time, money and water – ASAP.

I won’t pay another over-inflated water bill.

Send me the WaterQuick Pro II immediately!