Do Recirculation Pumps Save Money?

Do Recirculation Pumps Save Money?

Let’s talk about the benefits and costs of using recirculation pumps. We’ll give a high-level overview of whether or not you should be using a recirculation pump in your water heater.

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If you are considering whether or not to install a recirculation pump in your existing water heater, then this blog is definitely for you. There are two main benefits to using a recirculation pump in your existing water heater.

First, if you are not using a recirculation pump then the water removed from the tank is circulated back through the system, as opposed to constantly being dumped into your drain or sewer system. This removes more water from the tank, which reduces corrosion and prevents the formation of mineral deposits in your water heater.

Second, incorporating a recirculation pump into your system can save you money. Recirculation pumps can be used as an extra-hot cycle to boost efficiency and reduce the use of your tank’s hot surface area by circulating hot water back to it (this reduces the energy required for heating). Thus, in a home where hot water is used sparingly (which is the majority of homes), this can help reduce energy costs.

Things to remember with recirculation pumps installed at home is that some pumps like Chillipepper and ACT Metlund must be turned off during periods when you need to drain your tank. Thus, it is assumed that a home uses a recirculation pump when hot water has been used, and then if hot water is desired again in the near future that the pump can be turned back on.

When using a recirculation pump, what do you have to consider besides whether or not it would be useful? There are two things you have to take into account: cost and time.

The WaterQuickPro is a water recirculation pump system that is very effective at recirculating hot water to your faucets and showers. If you want to save money with faster hot water, go with the WaterQuickPro.

The WaterQuickPro recirculation pump will help you save water by eliminating the need for a hot water draw.

Benefits of using WaterQuickPro II:

  • Reduce operating costs by up to 50%.
  • Eliminate corrosion caused by water sitting in pipes.
  • Save energy by heating the minimum amount of water required.
  • No need to dump water from tanks.
  • Prevent mineral buildup in pipes and heaters from hot water standing in the tank.

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