How safe is your neighborhood from the drought?



Just last year this used to be a river.

The cool waters flowing in these banks provided life for us all.

Farmers irrigated their orchards, bursting with fruit.  And vineyards flourished, waiting to be turned into California’s next batch of famous red wine.  

Life was good

But, as mothers washed vegetables for dinner and children played in the bath, most people in the West and Southwest were blissfully ignorant of one simple factUnderneath all the artificial landscaping, the water crisis is steadily growing worse.



    Just look at this picture to see how quickly the drought has crept up on us

2013 vs. 2104 california map
















Or read the headlines

“100% of California is in an official drought”

– The U.S. Drought Monitor

“Drought depletes California snow-pack, aquifers”

– Capital Press

“48 Texas cities face emergency drought conditions”

– Amarillo Globe – News

“The 100 year drought?”

– National Geographic


Question:  What do you think it’s going to go through your head when you go to turn on the faucet, one day, and nothing comes out?

I guarantee… reality will sink in very fast – because none of us can live without a reliable supply of fresh water.

Businesses will shrivel, just like the landscape… and nothing is going to be more important than getting the water flowing again.  

You’re going to be able to see it in people’s eyes.


Wouldn’t it be smarter, and a lot less costly, to take a few steps NOW to avoid that arid future?

I’m not just going to ask you to conserve water.  

I’m going to give you a way to make your home more comfortable and convenient – while you’re doing something good for the environment.

And, as you discover this solution, you’re going to see “The old way of doing things” isn’t just more wasteful, it’s a lot more troublesome and expensive.


WQP 2Hello, I’m Mark Franklin.

While politicians and water districts desperately try to balance the needs of a growing population with failing natural resources and aging water infrastructure, I decided to look at the other side of the equation.

– The way we use water at home.

With my background as a civil engineer and over $150 Million dollars’ worth of projects under my belt, I knew that meant that we had to give homeowners a better, technology solution.

That’s exactly what I’m going to share with you today.WQP 4


This isn’t just a California problem


After you’ve finished reading this report, you’re going to be able to save 10,000 gallons of water every year with 1 simple step.

You’ll know you don’t have to change a thing about the way you live to realize these savings…

And, it’s going to give you a level of convenience you’ve never had before.

So if you believe in doing something to tackle our problems head on, instead of waiting for someone else to “figure it out”, then take this time today to read the facts and realize – thankfully, we already have the technology we need to avoid extreme drought conditions.


On this page I’m going to:

  • Show you how the WaterQuick Pro II works to save water every day.
  • Explain why my design pays for itself while others don’t.
  • Prove this system works for any house, regardless of your hot water set up.
  • And give you a price comparison across the whole circulation pump industry so you’ll know you’re making the smart money decision for yourself.


The factsWQP 5

Nobody likes to get into a cold shower.  That’s just a simple fact.

But it’s also a fact that for every minute you stand there waiting for the water to heat up, you’re sending about 2 gallons of perfectly good water straight down the drain.

With the average wait for hot water between 1 to 2 ½ minutes, that can mean up to 5 gallons of water every time you step into the shower.  In a household that use hot water 6 times a day, all that adds up to 18 – 30 gallons a day.  


What if we could save all that water instead?

At 10,000 gallons a year, that’s enough water to supply your house with 360 gallons of water – per day – for nearly a month… just for adopting this new technology.


Just turn on any tap

Here’s how simple the WaterQuick Pro II is to use.SINK DIAGRAM 1.1

Just turn on any tap in your house for a second – then – turn it off.

Wait about 30 seconds… and when you turn it back on – you’re going to have hot water ready to go.


It’s that simple

The pump has automatically sent all the cold water in your line straight back to the water heater and helped you get hot water a lot faster, in about 30 seconds compared to the average 1 ½  – 2 minute wait.

Imagine.  After a long day at work, walk in… flip on the hot water tap in the kitchen for a second… then by the time you walk to the bathroom and kick off your shoes… your going to be able to jump into a hot shower in 10 seconds – flat.

With this technology:

  • You’re helping the environment WQP 6
  • Lowering your water bills 
  • AND your life just got a lot more convenient


A desperate balancing act

Water districts are desperately trying to balance our future water supply with the needs of a growing population.

Faced with aging infrastructure, drier winters and hotter summers, water districts have had no choice but to budget 20 – 25% of our future water supply to come from conservation.

I know…

These are huge numbers.  Just look at the map below to see how big the problem really is.


WQP seven

It’s clear: If we don’t do something now about the way we use water we’re going to have to face the consequences.

That means:

  • A failing economy
  • Scarcity and higher food costs
  • And serious threat to livestock and wildlife


That’s why we’ve got to stop, right now, and figure out how we’re going to deal with our water problems before they get worse.


It’s just a better way to liveWQP 8

The WaterQuick Pro II is the first and easiest step on our path to water abundance.

When you use this technology:

  • You’re going to instantly cut your daily water consumption by an average of 17.6%.
  • Those savings are going to translate to lower monthly water bills (especially under the new, higher water rates).
  • And that reduction is going to cover the cost of your investment in 1 – 2 years.

After that, every time you need hot water, you’re going to be doing something good for the environment AND putting money back into your pocket.  


Introducing the WaterQuick Pro II

WQP bullet point picture

No surprise costsWQP 10

With all of the benefits of recirculation pumps, it’s no wonder the market has gotten pretty crowded in recent years.  Maybe you’ve even seen some very inexpensive looking models at large hardware stores…

But be warned!

Choose the lowest priced pump on the market and you’re going to be on the hook for an extra $480 on your gas bills – every year.  That’s because it’s always on, heating the pipes in your house 24/7 for no reason.

(So, even though you’d have convenience… and you’d be saving water – I know you WON’T be happy.)


Pick the second least expensive option and you’ll have to call an electrician to drop an outlet under the bathroom sink… and, for houses with more than one hot water branch, that means two outlets – two pumps – and two permits.

So yes, there are other less expensive pumps out there that save just as much water… but with all of these extra “surprise costs” I doubt you’ll be recommending those products to your friends or family any time soon.


A money-saving investment

    Even though I might get in trouble for this… I’m proud to say that my flow based design saves you more money than almost every one of my competitors.  (And I explain that single exception below)

WaterQuick Pro II price comparison chart

Note: what is $54.86 really worth?

I have to admit, though, we’re not the absolute cheapest circulation pump on the market…  quality never is.  

But I stand behind my word that we are the best value.


Here’s why

Even though the Chillipepper is $54.86 less expensive than our pump, have a look at everything we give you for the difference.


The Water Quick Pro II:

  • Works at any hot water tap in the house – instead of just one bathroom
  • You can easily install it in about an hour and there’s no need for an electrician or a permit
  • You don’t have to drill a hole in the face of the wash basin or buy a remote control for the rest of the house
  • It isn’t under the sink so it doesn’t take up storage space… and you don’t have to worry about noise issues
  • For houses with multiple hot water branches – you can simply buy 1 more $77 bridge valve instead of being forced to buy an extra pump


And Here Are the Perks No One Else

Is Even Capable Of

  • Dedicated Re-Circulation lines:  The Water Quick Pro II effectively converts dedicated re-circulation hot water lines to “on demand” Faster Hot Water lines without problems – saving you nearly $500 a year on your gas bills and virtually eliminating problems with pinhole leaks.

  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters:  Our “Faucet Activation Smart Technology” (FAST) also makes our pump the perfect companion to any tankless style hot water heater – because it works the same way they do.


Compare these benefits to timer-controlled pumps that void your tankless warranty because they keep the gas blasting even when no one’s at home – and the choice is clear.

There’s no reason to save water just by wasting more gas.

That doesn’t help out the environment… or your pocket book!


Let me show you how easy I’ve made this to installWQP 11

  All you have to do is:  

  1. Cut off a foot of pipe over your water heater (traditional tank style or tankless).
  1. Screw a dielectric union onto the top of the heater.
  1. Screw the WaterQuick Pro II assembly on top of that.
  1. Then just push the assembly which contains a Shark bite™ fitting onto your hot water line.
  2. After that, install the bridge valve under the bathroom sink (10 minutes) and you’re done!


Almost anyone with a few basic plumbing skills can have the whole job finished in about an hour.


There’s no need to solder any pipes or install an electrical outlet  

In fact, as long as you have a pipe cutter, a crescent wrench, some emery cloth and a little bit of plumber’s tape, you’re all set.


Just think.  With our FREE 2 – 3 day delivery, you can start saving time, money and water as early as this Sunday afternoon.

Your spouse will thank you for the new convenience. You’ll be teaching your children about the importance of doing the right thing.  And you’re going to instantly lower your water bills.  



Of course, the choice is up to youWQP 14

We already know the water rates are going up again in 2015.

And as the population grows… along with this drought… who knows where they’ll stop?

So you can keep paying more, just for the privilege of sending 10,000 gallons of good water straight to the sewage treatment plant… or you can do something today.  


Short And Long Term SavingsWQP 12

When you give me a call, not only are you doing something to fight the drought.

You’ll be:

  • Reducing your water bills by an average of $170 a year, depending on your family size and where you live
  • Staying in a lower tier as water rates continue to rise
  • Showing your neighbors how we can deal with the water crisis without sacrificing convenience


Best of all –  never step into a cold shower again

No more washing your face with cold water in the morning, or stepping into a cold shower.

Enjoy hot water on demand and know you’re doing something about our problems.


I’m always here for youWQP 13

I’ve been working with these pumps for over 18 years now and they just run and run and run.  In fact, this type of pump was originally made for continuous year-long operation.

So I can tell you: with its 97% stainless steel construction and 3-year manufacturer’s warranty – you don’t have to worry about durability issues.

In fact, I’ve only come across problems with this pump in areas that have unusually alkaline water.  We all know how hard that can be on any metal.

But you don’t have to worry about that, either.

If your area has unusually hard water and your Water QuickPro II stops working – just call me, send it back, I’ll fix it myself – free of charge – and you’ll have Faster Hot Water back in your home before you know it.


Our Water Future Won’t Take Care Of Itself

WQP 16

The national Water Commission estimates that over the next decade nearly $1 Trillion is going to be needed to fix our water infrastructure.

Now you have the solution.  Unfortunately, even with the shocking news that the Sierra snow pack is only at 17% this year, most people still don’t have any idea this water saving technology exists.

That’s why I want you to be part of this solution.


Today, I’ve shown you an easy way to make a positive contribution.

I’ve shown you how you can make your home more comfortable, and I’ve shown you all the cost savings that go along with it.

Now, I’d like to ask you to take action.

Order your WaterQuick Pro II today and start enjoying a higher level of comfort at home.

“It’s not just better for the environment… it’s a better way to live.”



WQP 18



mark's signature1.1





           Mark Franklin


President of Faster Hot Water &

inventor of the WaterQuick Pro II


P.S. The WaterQuick Pro II was designed to be so easy to install that anybody could do it.  But if you don’t have time in your busy schedule – not to worry.  I’m here for you.

Give me a call at (619) 665 – 2077 and I’ll find a qualified plumber in your area at no cost or obligation.


A satisfied customer

“It means a lot to me to save water, especially in San Diego where it’s scarce.

The WaterQuick Pro II™ not only gives me hot water when I need it, but more importantly it helps save the environment as well as saving me money and… I just love having it.

Before I put it in I would go turn on the shower and go to take my clothes off… and, you know, probably end up wasting hot water while it was there at the tap.

Verses now, I turn on the water when I start to brush my hair. I turn it off. And then when I’m ready to get into the shower, it’s on.

So I save not only the cold water that went down the drain but I also save the hot water that I was probably wasting.

We did not install the Home Depot version that I bought earlier because it was based on a timer… and, Oh that’s great if I’m going to take my shower from 6:15 to 6:30.

But, I don’t know when I’m going to take my shower.   I don’t know when I’m going to do the dishes.   So it didn’t really meet my needs.

Plus, the lowest increments were 15 minutes, which is a lot of time to keep the pump running. 

This one only runs until the sensor tells it it’s hot and then it shuts off… which is less than a minute.

It is more expensive than the one I originally bought from Home Depot, but it’s a significantly better product. So I don’t think the price is that high because I don’t think the first one’s better.

I think it’s certainly very appropriately priced.

And like I said, water’s expensive and scarce… and so is natural gas. So it all makes up for the price of it… as well as feeling better.”

– Margaret M. – San Diego