Pros of Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

Pros of Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

When considering the purchase of a new water heater, many Americans turn to the idea of a hot water recirculation pump. If you’re thinking about buying a new water heater for your home, installing a hot water pump might be worth considering. Hot water recirculation pumps are very effective at pumping hot water throughout your plumbing system and can often save homeowners money on their utility bills.

Benefits of a Recirculation Pump

A hot water recirculation pump is a great alternative to upgrading your water heater unit entirely.

Hot water recirculation pumps are also useful in situations where you have already done away with your old water heater and are now using a new tankless or instantaneous electric boiler, which may not have the same facilities to allow for the natural circulation of heated and cooled water throughout your home.

Other popular uses for hot water recirculation pumps include:

Many homeowners are interested in the use of hot water recirculation pumps but are not sure what they do or how they work. Knowing this information can help you to decide if this is a pump you need and, if so, how it can best be used for your needs.

  • Recirculating pumps use less water than a constant flow pump and provide instant hot water from the faucet to wash hands with cold water.
  • They work by taking cold water from the cold water supply line and heating it in the pump, then returning it to the hot water supply line.
  • Hot water recirculation pumps can be used to eliminate the need for a separate tank or booster heater and can save on your gas or electric bill.
  • Recirculating pumps are small in size but are capable of producing large volumes of heated water.
  • They stand about 8 inches tall and provide a flow rate of up to 3 gallons per minute.
  • They are used in lieu of a continuous flow heater, space-saver tankless water heaters, and space-saver tankless booster pumps.
  • In some cases, recirculation pumps work to effectively reduce your energy bills by as much as 50%.

The WaterQuick Pro hot water recirculation pump is a great example of technology that is used in conjunction with your tankless water heaters or standard water heaters.

Contact us today for your WaterQuick Pro hot water recirculation pump or any other questions you may have about your hot water recirculation pump.

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